The Treasure of Windhorse (lung ta)

When we are in alignment with heaven and earth and with the five
elements and when
body, mind and spirit are in harmony, our life force arises without
impediment and we
are joyful, compassionate and strong. Obstacles do not deter us
when we ride the
energy arising from that state of inherent goodness and awakened
mind, which is

Windhorse arises frequently in mindful acupressure sessions. In this
"moment of truth"  the energy smooths out and centers as though
the person has fully dropped into their body and the present
moment.  They are totally relaxed, as though the body is in a deep
sleep,  yet they are fully awake. They remember what they have
always known:  that the journey is not about finding something we
are missing, but about coming home to the truth of all that we are.

What's Up Now
I’ve been teaching and practicing Asian Bodywork Therapy for
almost 40 years now and I find I’m most excited these days about
applying all those years of experience to mentoring others. I thought
I’d let you in on how I plan to do that.

Bodymind Treasures Blog Click here
I’m committed to posting a regular blog, which will include:
  • From the Old Sage. Thoughts about parenting, working with
    clients, and teaching inspired by verses from the Tao Te
  • Teaching Stories. Stories about people, acupressure and
    Chinese Medicine
  • Western Body, Eastern Mind. Western science proves
    Chinese Medicine. And vice versa. From research into
    integrated anatomy & physiology..
  • Meditation. Short inner journeys/meditations for the reader
You can comment, forward and subscribe on the blog page. I value
your comments, so please take some time to respond, no matter
how briefly. Also, I would be so grateful if you forwarded the link to
friends. If you check the “subscribe” box, you’ll automatically receive
each new post by email.

Three recorded meditations are now available on iTunes. You can
find them under my name or the title:
  • Bodymind Ease, for relaxation;
  • Bodymind Treasures: a guided journey through the Five
    Elements; and
  • Bodymind Wisdom: A guided dialogue with internal “officials”
    of Chinese Medicine.
Students have also asked for recordings of my lectures from
classes. I know that I personally get a lot out of listening to classes I’
ve taken – usually in my car, where I can’t do much else but drive.
Let me know what courses you’re interested in. (With a few
exceptions, you must have taken the course to receive the

NEW! Stay Tuned For:
Dreams and Visions Workshops
click here
We'll be creating a vision map using dreams, theater, visual arts,
meditation and the cycle of the Five Phases (Elements) to tune in to
our inner guidance.  These workshops may be in person or on-line.
contact me for more information, or If you are interested in a
special topic you don't see here.).

On-Line Courses click here
I launched “Western Body, Eastern Mind: Integrated Anatomy &
Physiology” on-line in the  fall of 2014. For the first run-through, I
worked with students who were interested in giving me feedback
about how best to structure the components of the course. It is
shaping up quite nicely. It satisfies the 100 hour A&P requirement
for AOBTA® and is a great review of Chinese Medicine physiology
and the anatomical landmarks for all the major acu-points.  C
me and put “A&P Online” in the subject line.

Please contact me through my website or leave your
comments on the blog. I am always happy to hear from you!

Warmest Wishes,
Deborah Valentine Smith
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